Health & Safety

We Always Plan and Manage Onsite Health & Safety

To ensure the best safety measures are in place, we always plan, manage and constantly monitor all areas of our working environment to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed at all times.

Crucial Flooring recognises that it's fabulous team of experts are the most valuable part of the company. Every member of the team who work at Crucial Flooring are activly encouraged to be totallly aware and at all time implement and support this policy. The support of every member of the team is vital to this policy and it is made very clear that Health and Safety is a responsibility that must be shared by very member of staff.

Here at Crucial Flooring we constantly strive to create a working environment that ensures the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and site visitors. Our constant aim is to do everything we can to prevent accidents and illness by following and checking our Health and Safety standards every step of the way.

Crucial Flooring Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 So that we always fulfil our obligations Crucial Flooring will always do the following.:

  • Provide instruction, training and supervision to ensure the Health and Safety of its employees and others

  • Provide and test all our equipment and ensure systems that are safe and without risk to health,

  • So far as is practicable ensure we provide satisfactory financial resources and support needed to meet these objectives

  • Carry out effective planning procedeures, control, and monitoring of all sites is maintained

  • Identify substances that can be hazardous to health and make sure arrangements are in place to minimise the risks they may pose
  • while ensuring we have effective arrangements in place to deal with injuries and reduce the effects of any incidents that could result in injury, ill health or damage to the staff, visitors or the environment

All Directors, Managers and employees at Crucial Flooring will always strive to create a mindful health and safety culture throughout the company

This policy will be subject to an annual review Crucial Flooring.

We Work Safely and Efficiently with the Minimum of Risk