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Altro Whiterock Extruded uPVC is a cost-effective sheet extruded from a high quality, food safe, uPVC polymer for operating temperatures up to 60°C. It is easy to clean, impact resistant and grout-free. It meets all current EU Directives on health and hygiene and offers a cost-effective choice.

With vibrant solid colours or more natural tones in a high gloss finish, Altro Whiterock Chameleon™ makes a bold and confident design statement wherever it is installed. Its broad palette lets you create a variety of effects to suit the mood of the application, using it either as a primary focus or as an accent to an existing wall.

Altro Whiterock Chameleon is suitable for feature walls in shops and bars, as well as areas where you want to enjoy the performance benefits of Altro Whiterock. It is highly durable and provides a water-tight, seamless, wipe clean, smooth surface.

Using our latest technology, Altro Whiterock Welded Joint, you will achieve an even smoother, flatter profile.

Quickclad Cost Effective Wall Cladding

Altro Whiterock

With Altro Whiterock Quickclad we can construct hygienic walls and partitions quickly, simply and cost effectively.

It’s ideal for problem areas or listed buildings where poor substrates or services don’t allow cladding to be fixed direct to existing substrates. Altro’s unique system means you can create wipe-clean walls or non-load bearing partitions without the need for substrate preparation. You just construct a simple metal stud framework and affix the panels.

Future access to services is made simple by creating access hatches or removable panels (free of adhesive) at the construction stage. Ideal for food preparation and laboratory applications where a wipe-clean, seamless hygienic surface is required.

  • Can be used over damp or uneven substrate
  • Hides cables, pipes and services
  • Tailored panelling for full and easy access
  • Superior finish for corners
  • Ideal for most areas where hygiene is a concern
  • A fast track solution